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Thuraya IP Voyager
Thuraya IP Voyager Antenna & Terminal

Thuraya IP Voyager

Part Number: Thuraya-IP-Voyager
Your Price: $5,340.00
Thuraya IP Voyager (for Land Vehicles)
Availability: Custom Order — 4–6 Weeks Lead Time

The Thuraya IP Voyager is a Thuraya IP satellite broadband terminal for land vehicle applications where internet connectivity on-the-move is a necessity. It mounts to the top of your land vehicle to ensure a clear view of the sky. 


  • Mounts on your vehicle

  • Offers on-the-move connectivity 

  • Built-in WiFi access point 

  • Four Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports allow users to connect multiple devices

The Thyraya IP Voyager allows users to connect multiple devices with four Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports and offers standard IP internet speeds up to 444 kbps and streaming IP internet up to 384 kbps. Purchase your vehicle broadband satellite terminal today. 


  • Standard IP internet access up to 444 kbps

  • Streaming IP internet up to 384 kbps  

  • Asymmetric streaming is available

  • Thuraya coverage map can be seen to the right

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