12 Essential Items for Every Hunter

Going on a hunting trip, especially in the backwoods, is a fantastic way to disconnect and get back to nature. However, heading off into the woods requires preparation. Whether you plan on just a day hike or to stay a few nights in the wilderness, you’ll want to make sure that you carry the necessities with you to ensure your safety and survival in case something goes wrong. 

In today’s blog post from Outfitter Satellite, we are going to discuss some of the essentials that every hunter should be carrying in their pack. Continue reading to learn more, and if you are getting ready for your next hunting trip and find yourself in need of a satellite phone, Outfitter Satellite has you covered. You can purchase or rent a satellite phone from our store to help ensure your safety on your next trip into the backwoods. 

1. Food and Water

Food and water are an absolute necessity when it comes to going on a hunt. The amount and type you’ll want to carry with you will depend on the length of your hunt. Water can get heavy so bringing some water to get you started in a reusable bottle and a small purifying system is a great option. Just be sure to research where the natural water sources on your hunt are located.

2. A Lighter or Two

While on a hunting trip, you’ll want to have a quick, easy way to start a fire. While it’s nice to know how to start a fire without a lighter, that’s typically a skill saved for emergency situations. A lighter or two won’t take up much space in your pack and adds such little weight that it’s a no-brainer to throw a few in. When it’s time to start a fire for warmth, to cook food, or to create a smoke signal, you’ll be glad you packed it.

3. A First Aid Kit

Anything can really happen while you’re out hunting. And, while many trips go off without a hitch, you don’t want a small injury to become something worrisome because you don’t have a way to treat it. Small cuts or blisters caused by wet socks can easily become infected if you don’t have some antibiotic ointment and a couple of bandaids. While a first aid kit might not be super handy in the event of a serious injury, it can keep you moving in the event of a smaller one.

4. Rope

If you’re going on a hunting trip in the backwoods and might potentially need to stay the night or string game up in trees to keep it out of reach from predators, rope is a handy item to have on hand. You can also use rope to make a tourniquet or a stretcher in case of a serious injury. 

5. A Flashlight With Batteries

While a fire can provide you with some light while you’re at camp, it’s important to bring a flashlight with some extra batteries with you as well. Stumbling through the woods without anything to light the way is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous. You could injure yourself when you’re unable to see where your stepping and you won’t be able to spot potentially dangerous wildlife that may be in your vicinity. Flashlights can also be used to create a signal if it ever becomes necessary. 

6. A Map

In this day and age, most of us have become reliant on our cell phones for GPS and directions. However, when you’re in the woods, there’s a good chance you will not have cell phone service. Bringing a real map with you is an easy way to track where you are and to keep from getting lost.

7. A Handgun

When you hunt, you are entering the territory of many different types of wildlife. And, while you obviously have your weapon of choice for hunting purposes, you need to have something extra for protection. A bow and arrow aren’t going to do you much good if a mountain lion attacks unless your reaction time is flawless, but a handgun could save your life. 

8. A Knife

A knife is another essential that you’ll want to bring on any hunting trip. If you plan on cleaning any of the game you catch while you’re out, you’ll need a strong, sturdy, and sharp knife to do it with. And in addition to using it to clean game, a knife is an important survival tool. You can use it to help make shelter, for self-defense, to prepare food, and in many other useful ways.

9. Rain Gear

While any experienced hunter surely checks the weather report before heading out, weather can be unpredictable. Sudden rain or sleet can soak all of your clothes, shoes, and your pack in a matter of minutes. And, trekking through the woods in wet clothes and shoes isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous, especially if you’re in a colder climate. Hypothermia is a very real threat when you’re stuck in the woods wearing wet clothing in the freezing cold.  

10. Rubber Gloves

If you plan on cleaning your catch while hunting, rubber gloves are a must. Animals can have dangerous bacteria and parasites in their meat that you don’t want to get on your bare hands. Rubber gloves are an essential item that don’t require much space or add weight to your pack, and you’ll be so glad that you have them when you need them. 

11. A Survival Blanket

Your safety and survival is something that you need to take seriously while hunting in the backwoods. While you may think that certain situations cannot happen to you, such as getting lost or injured, these things happen to experienced hunters all the time, and that’s why survival tools like blankets are made. This is one hunting essential you’ll be relieved to find in your pack when you need it. 

12. A Satellite Phone

One of the reasons that we enjoy backwoods hunting trips so much is because they allow us to disconnect from the busy modern world and the technology that binds us. However, heading into the woods without a form of emergency communication can prove dangerous or even fatal. A satellite phone could mean the difference between life and death in a situation where you need to contact emergency personnel. Satellite phones can provide you with your GPS location and allow you to send text messages and make phone calls in remote areas that are far beyond the limits of cell phone service. 

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