5 Places Where You Absolutely Need a Satellite Phone

Whether you consider yourself a seeker of adventure or simply a lover of the outdoors, a satellite phone can be your best friend. A satellite phone can allow you to keep in touch from remote locations where cell coverage is spotty or nonexistent, enabling you to update others as to your location or call for help if something goes wrong. For this reason, a satellite phone should be considered a necessary component of your travel equipment.


Infrequent travelers may wish to opt for renting a satellite phone at Outfitter Satellite's affordable rates, while those who spend more time in the outdoors should consider purchasing. Either way, a satellite phone ensures you have a lifeline back to civilization. Here are some examples of when such a lifeline can make all the difference.


1. The Mountains


Rock and mountain climbing are very popular sports for thrill-seekers, either despite or because of the dangers involved. Search and Rescue reports over 100 climbing accidents per year in Yosemite National Park alone, many of which require immediate medical attention. You can resist becoming a casualty by making sure you follow proper climbing procedures and make proper use of your equipment, but accidents can still happen that are out of your control. In situations like these, a satellite phone can literally be a lifesaver.


2. The Desert


Desert camping and backpacking is very attractive to those who love the stark beauty of the desert landscape. Regardless of the season, however, the desert is very unforgiving. Freezing nights and scorching days are the norm in deserts around the world, and exposure is the desert adventurer's greatest enemy— not to mention venomous insects and reptiles. Your water supply is of absolute importance and you will not survive long if something goes wrong with your supplies. During summer in Death Valley, a person can live only 14 hours without water. There is no room for error in a place as unforgiving as the desert, so you should definitely bring a satellite phone with you.


3. The Water


We've already discussed how valuable a satellite phone can be on the open ocean, but don't forget about other bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers. If you're going rafting, canoeing, kayaking, or even just out on a calm lake for a while, you should bring your satellite phone. Remember that once again you're relying on supplies and equipment to keep you safe, nourished, and protected, and all it takes is a badly twisted ankle on a slippery rock as you attempt to pull your raft ashore to immediately put you in severe danger. Again, accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Make sure you can call for help at all times.


4. The Woods


While satellite phones can be harder to use in the woods as they need unobstructed sky overhead to maintain a signal, do not discount them because of that. Forests are one of nature's easiest places to get lost in, and it can be truly shocking how easily one can get completely turned around. In fact, approximately 2,000 people get lost in the woods every year, and many of them are found dead if they are found at all. Avoid being one of them and bring a satellite phone with you.


5. The Farm


This one may seem like a surprise after listing off such wild and untamed places as mountains and deserts. The farm? Really? Well, yes. Farms may be a staple of civilization, but they have their own hazards. A person can become lost or disabled in acres of fields just as easily as they can in the wilderness. Tall crops like corn and wheat can prevent someone from getting their bearings. More likely, however, is an accident with farming equipment while out in the distant reaches of the property, away from help. In situations like those, a satellite phone can make all the difference as to whether you are found sooner rather than later.


Bottom Line


Even the most prepared and adventurous of people can make mistakes, suffer mishaps, or overlook an important detail in their preparations. The best thing you can do is refuse to leave your survival to chance, and make sure you have a contingency plan for reaching out for help. Wherever you plan to roam, a satellite phone can help you come home safe and sound. You are welcome to contact Outfitter Satellite for advice and help with your rental or purchase.