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6-Watt Solar Charging System
6-Watt Solar Charging System shown mounted on a back pack (not included)

6-Watt Solar Charging System

Part Number: FSE-6WCharger
Your Price: $199.00
6-Watt Solar Charging System with V44 Battery Pack
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Our 6-Watt Compact Solar Charging System includes a rechargeable Li-polymer 44-Watt-Hour battery pack with a 1000 mA  USB output port and a 2000 mA USB output port.   The battery pack can recharge most of the Iridium, IsatPhone, and Thuraya handheld satellite phones listed below 2 or 3 times before needing to be recharged itself.  This means you can even recharge at night using the battery pack.  If the battery pack is completely depleted, the solar panel can recharge it in roughly 8 to 12 hours of full sunlight, even while you are walking down the trail!   

Outfitter Satellite has tested this kit with the following satellite phones: 
  • iPhones, Androids and other USB-rechargeable smartphones and tablets including
  • Iridium 9575 (via its USB port)
  • Iridium GO! (via its USB port)
  • Iridium 9555 (via USB-to-barrel-plug adapter cable, included)
  • Iridium 9505A (via USB-to-barrel-plug adapter cable, included)
  • IsatPhone PRO (via its USB port)
  • IsatPhone 2 (via its USB port)
  • Thuraya XT (via its USB port)
  • Thuraya XT-DUAL (via its USB port)
  • Thuraya SatSleeve (via its USB port)
The kit includes the following cables: USB-to-micro-USB adapter cable, a USB-to-barrel-plug adapter cable for the Iridium 9505A and 9555, and a USB-to-barrel-plug adapter for charging the 44-Watt-Hour battery pack.  A flexible buckle and strap system is included for attaching the solar panel to your back pack or tent.   The solar panel is built into a thin-line soft case that can be used to carry small electronics like iPhones.*   

* Since the interior of the soft case can become hot when it is in direct sunlight, Outfitter Satellite recommends that the zipper to the internal pouch of the soft case be left partially open to allow air flow.  This prevents excessive heat exposure to the 44-Watt-Hour battery pack and what ever other satellite phones or electronics are stowed inside.  

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