Internet access while in the most remote of locations is possible these days with a BGAN unit, but BGAN charging options while on the go must also be considered. Designed to bring internet to wherever you are on the planet, a BGAN unit like the Explorer 510 is convenient and easy to setup as well as light weight and portable for transport.

The Explorer 510 has an on-board lithium-ion battery rated at 36 hours of standby time and 3 hours of connection time. While this provides a substantial amount of use time, it will eventually need to be recharged. There are several options for charging up the 510, even in off-grid situations.

Standard 110/220 AC power

The fastest and most common way of charging, through a standard AC outlet at either 110 or 220 volts.

DC Car Charger

If there is no standard AC power available, but access to an automobile is available, charging through the DC barrel plug makes a great option.

Solar Charger

Solar charging systems that include a solar panel and backup battery provide clean DC power to the 510 and, when sunlight is available, provide a virtually unlimited amount of power for the BGAN as well as other devices

Outfitter Satellite provides options for rental and for purchase of the Cobham Explorer 510. The rental 510 kits include the AC charger with Euro and US plugs, as well as the DC car charger. New and used 510 kits for purchase include the AC charger with Euro and US plugs with the DC car charger available for purchase separately. The 10 watt solar panel with 72wHr battery, available new and used, is a great way to keep the BGAN charged when in off-grid locations.