Satellite Phone Myths Debunked

Satellite phones are an important safety tool that are widely available to any and all who are looking for a way to have reliable communication when regular cell phone service is not an option. They are commonly used during natural disasters, while backpacking, overseas, and in many other instances where communication is important but cell phones cease to work. However, as important and available as satellite phones are, there is quite a bit of misinformation floating around about them. 

In today’s blog post from Outfitter Satellite, we are going to debunk several satellite phone myths and prove why a satellite phone is an essential safety tool. Read on to learn more, and when you're ready to own or rent a satellite phone, browse the selection at Outfitter Satellite.

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Myth: Satellite Phones Don’t Work When the Power Is Down 

Satellite phones do not depend on our power grid to work. One of the most common uses of satellite phones is use during emergencies and natural disasters when power and cell phone service is typically down. While satellite phones do run on batteries and require a charge occasionally, there are ways to do this without using a wall charger including with a solar charger or car charger, or by switching the battery out to a fully charged backup.

Myth: Satellite Phones Cannot Be Used Indoors

While satellite phones do require an unobstructed view of the sky, this can be accomplished by mounting an antenna on the outside of your building, car, boat, or even plane. Using a satellite phone indoors is absolutely possible, but should be planned for. If you do not have an antenna, you’ll simply have to step outside of the building to ensure your phone has a view of the sky.

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Myth: Satellite Phones Don’t Work In Bad Weather 

One of the main reasons to carry a satellite phone is for safety. In the event that you get stuck in bad weather, whether it’s a snow storm while you’re in the mountains or a storm over the water while you’re sailing, with a clean view of the sky, your satellite phone will still work. In the event of really bad weather, the service will not be as flawless it normally is with clear skies, but it will work.

Myth: Satellite Phones Are too Expensive for the Average Person 

The cost of purchasing a satellite phone is higher than that of a cell phone, but that doesn’t mean that they are outrageously expensive. First off, you always have the option of renting or buying a satellite phone, so if you aren’t comfortable with an upfront investment, renting is less expensive for one-time use. You can also purchase a used satellite phone from Outfitter Satellite that can cost you significantly less than many of the new smartphones, and it comes with a 12-month warranty. Additionally, when compared to the rates that a cell phone company charges to call or text when you are in another country, you could actually save money by using a satellite phone. 

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