Save Money on a Cruise by Bringing a Satellite Phone

Save Money on a Cruise by Bringing a Satellite Phone

Who doesn't want to go on a cruise? Visit exotic destinations, relax in a luxurious cabin, with access to great food and entertainment? It's no wonder cruises are so popular. Millions of people find them to be the perfect means of getting away to unwind while exploring parts of the world in the process!

Unfortunately for vacation-minded folks everywhere, cruises can be pretty expensive. It's still possible to work a cruise into your budget, though, especially if you keep an eye out for all the possible ways you can save. One way to save money is to bring a satellite phone with you.

Sure, cruise ships offer ship-to-shore calls, but at an astonishing rate of $7-$8 per minute. If you have family at home or friends waiting to hear from you, keeping in touch can cost you astronomical amounts of cash. A 5-minute phone call can run you $40! If you need to make more than one call, your expenses will skyrocket before you know it. Save yourself (and your wallet) the pain by bringing a satellite phone to use while you're cruising.

In fact, you can continue to use your current smartphone or tablet if you use an Iridium GO! Hotspot. Make phone calls, send texts, and use light email by connecting your device through a free app. You can also report your GPS location or automatically leave a GPS breadcrumb trail for friends who want to know your location. You'll also have access to an SOS capability, just in case you need it.

The Iridium GO! Hotspot is great for calling and texting, but not for web browsing or data. If you're interested in capabilities like live-blogging your cruise or posting to Instagram or Facebook from each destination, you'll need a solution like Inmarsat BGAN. This will get you access to data and the internet but doesn't have quite the coverage area as Iridium. Still, if your cruise won't take you anywhere near the polar regions, Inmarsat BGAN would work fine.

Outfitter Satellite offers Iridium and Inmarsat technology at an affordable price both for sale and for rent. Feel free to contact us with your questions, and see just how much a satellite phone can help your budget. The more money you can save, the sooner you can take the vacation you deserve!