Tips For Communication And Safety When Hunting
When you head out into the woods for a hunting trip, you should always be certain you have everything you need to make the excursion safe and enjoyable. One of the number one safety measures you should take is ensuring you have a means for communication, no matter where the trip takes you. 

Here at Outfitter Satellite Phones, we have years of experience helping clients find the right solutions for their remote communication needs. We understand that sometimes life takes you off the beaten path and when it does, you need a communication solution that exceeds traditional methods. When your cell phone just won’t cut it, you are in need of a reliable satellite phone that can operate across unmapped regions.

Read on to learn more about how to implement reliable communication on your next hunting trip as well as a few other important safety tips.

The Superiority Of A Satellite Phone When Hunting

Odds are good that when you pack up and head out on a hunting trip, you are heading to a remote region of the globe. Whether you are stateside in the U.S. or you are heading out on a hunting trip in a new region of the world, traditional means of communication might not be possible on your trip. Cell phones are reliant upon your proximity to a network of towers. These towers are placed by companies who are interested in a profit motive, which means they are not going to invest in building new towers in extremely remote regions. 

The good news is that you do not need to rely upon earth-bound structures for communication. Instead, you can tap into the network of satellites that orbit above the earth, allowing for use in almost any location. When you are on a hunting trip, this can be the ideal solution. A satellite phone will ensure that you can connect to the outside world, even when your adventure leads you far away from civilization.

The Inmarsat Phone Advantage

When it comes to choosing a satellite phone for your next hunting trip, you have an array of options to pick from. At Outfitters Satellite Phones, we can help you walk through these different choices. Not only can we provide you with information about purchasing a satellite phone, we can also discuss with you the option of renting a phone for those who might only need to use the satellite phone for one, single excursion. 

One of the many outstanding providers of satellite phones we carry is Inmarsat. The Inmarsat Phone provides you with an array of benefits that make it an ideal choice for hunters. Some of these benefits include the following:
  • Weather Resistance: When you are trekking through the woods, you need a product that will be able to withstand the elements. The Inmarsat Phone will deliver on this.
  • Personal Assistance Button: If you find yourself in danger, it can be critical to transmit your location to an emergency contact with ease. This button will send a short message with your last GPS fix to a preset emergency contact.
  • Personal Tracking Feature: This incredible function can help keep you safe by automatically dropping a breadcrumb trail of GPS location reports via SMS messaging. This will be a life-saving choice in the case that you should go missing or become severely injured in the field.
  • Long Charge: This phone will allow you to utilize up to eight hours of talk time with only one single charge, making it an efficient choice for long trips.
These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for an Inmarsat Phone for your next hunting trip.

Other Important Safety Measures

Determine An Emergency Contact

Investing in a satellite phone is not the only way to help ensure your safety on a hunting vacation. There are other important steps you should take to make sure that return home safely, no matter what transpires on the trip.

First, make sure you establish emergency contacts. You will need to preset a contact in your satellite phone. This person will be responsible for receiving your location coordinates in the case of an emergency. 

Not only should you pick the right person for this job, you should also make sure you come up with a plan beforehand on what action should be taken should they receive your SOS message.

Share Your Whereabouts

The more remote your hunting trip is, the more vitally important it is to share your location with people before departing. Make sure that you have a rough plan of what area you will be traversing and leave that information with a trusted contact. As you hike and move during your hunting trip, be sure to update your coordinates by utilizing a tracking system via your satellite phone.

Follow Local Procedures

Depending on where on the globe your hunting trip takes you, there may be local regulations you need to follow before heading out into the wilderness. Be sure you check in with local authorities if need be and that you apply for any necessary permits. These systems can help keep you safe as there will be a record of where you checked in, what dates you are expected to be gone, and where you should return to.

Reach Out To Our Team Today

If you are interested in implementing the use of a satellite phone on your next hunting trip, reach out to our team today. Whether you are going on a simple hunting trip in a local area with patchy service or you are embarking on a month-long highly remote trip, a satellite phone can be the right solution for ensuring your safety. Don’t lose contact with the outside world and always be prepared in the case of an emergency. Talk to us today about utilizing the Inmarsat Phone for your next hunting trip. 

We look forward to outfitting you for your next remote adventure.