Inmarsat IsatPhone

Inmarsat GSPS (or Global Satellite Phone Service) provides phone calling, short messaging (SMS), email-to-text, and 2400 bps data over much of the world excluding the polar caps. Other Inmarsat solutions such as BGAN are available if high speed internet is required. Outfitter Satellite generally recommends GSPS for users operating between 50° N and 50° S latitude in flat or hilly terrain but not extremely mountainous terrain. The main benefit of GSPS over other mobile satellite services is the ability to make long duration calls without unexpected call drops. The IsatPhone 2 is the workhorse of the Inmarsat GSPS network. Here are some of its advanced features:

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Personal Assistance Button to quickly transmit a short message with your last GPS fix to a preset emergency contact.
  • Personal Tracking Feature that automatically drops a breadcrumb trail of GPS location reports via SMS messaging. You can toggle the tracking on or off using a button on the side of the phone. A Tracking LED indicates whether tracking is currently enabled.
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • Supports 2.4 kbps data speed (best case) which in combination with our optional Optimizer Wi-Fi Hotspot (see review) though slow can reliably send emails or photo share. The Optimizer is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones as well as Macintosh or Windows computers.


In-Building and In-Vehicle Applications:

The IsatPhone 2 handheld satellite phone is intended for outdoor use where it has a clear line of sight to the sky. In-building and in-vehicle applications require a docking stations with an external antenna. The IsatDock 2 PRO and IsatDock 2 MARINE have a variety of features including a privacy handset, speaker phone with mute button, Bluetooth support, data call support, and an RJ-11 phone port for use with conventional phone equipment. The marine version of the docking station has a water resistant translucent screen that protects the satellite phone while it is docked. Various antennas are available:
  • Land Vehicle Antenna: A low-profile active antenna with mag-mount or permanent-bolt-mount options (6 to 50 meter cable options)
  • Marine Mast Antenna: A marine-grade pole-mountable active antenna (6 to 50 meters antenna cable options available)
  • Fixed-Site Antenna: Permanent-mount passive antenna for fixed-building applications (10 and 20 meter cable options, longer antenna cable options and plenum cable options are available by special quote).

Inmarsat GSPS Coverage:

Inmarsat IsatPhone2 Coverage MapThe Inmarsat GSPS coverage area uses three Inmarsat I-4 satellites. Outfitter Satellite recommends Inmarsat GSPS service for users operating between 50° N and 50° S latitude. Unfortunately, as you travel north of 50° N (or south of 50° S latitude), the Inmarsat satellites tend to be closer to the horizon and the possibility of terrain masking from vertical obstructions such as mountains or trees increases. It is the responsibility of the user to consider this issue before traveling to any given location. Outfitter Satellite's staff can provide you with the elevation angle above the horizon and the azimuthal "compass" angle for the I-4 satellite if you will provide us with the GPS position where you intend to use the satellite.

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