Viewing the Solar Eclipse

Viewing the Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a rare phenomenon will occur - the moon will pass in front of the sun for a total solar eclipse, perfectly viewable in totality by a large swath of the pacific northwest through the planes into Tennessee and South Carolina.  The United States has not seen a total solar eclipse since 1979.

Traveling to View

Despite being able to be seen partially all over North America, many people from all over the world are traveling to places where the eclipse can be seen in totality.  Small towns and large cities all will be host to thousands of eclipse-seekers which has local business excited about the up-tick in sales, but also raises some concerns.

When a small town with only a few hundred people suddenly becomes host to thousands of visitors, normal infrastructure can be strained and even become unusable.  Cell towers are particularly vulnerable to overloading now with smartphones consuming large amounts of data as we share pictures and videos from the event with friends and family.

Staying in Communication

One easy way to remedy losing contact with family and friends--or for businesses, customers--is to be prepared with satellite communication.  A handheld satellite phone is an easy and portable solution to provide communication via voice or texting anywhere in the U.S., independent of cell towers and congestion that can occur.

If internet is needed, a portable BGAN solution can enable checking email and surfing the net no matter where you travel to see the eclipse.  For businesses, this could mean the assurance of keeping your email or credit card terminal running so that a critical sale is not missed.

Here at Outfitter Satellite, we have satellite solutions including handhelds and BGAN internet terminals for rental or for sale.  If a temporary solution is needed, a rental is a perfect way to have the backup assurance you need with no long-term commitment.  If a more long-term solution is needed, we have a full array of satellite communication solutions with convenient and affordable airtime options.

Incidentally, our office is located in the very center of the eclipse's path, right in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.  We will get the treat of viewing this special event right from our facility.  But no matter where you choose to view the event, be sure to be prepared for every communication need.