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Technology is truly amazing. When you think back to when you were a kid and all of the things that have been invented in the last 10 years, you wonder how you ever lived your life without them. Instead of BC (before children), you now can segregate your live into BCP (before cell phones).

Outfitter Satellite Phones offers the best satellite phones for rent or for purchase. You choose your satellite phone based on where you will be headed. Our Iridium phones offer the best global coverage, with some models offering GPS tracking, SOS emergency buttons, and GEOS emergency response operators. These phones are perfect for those who want to go off the grid, but still want to have help available if needed. Another satellite phone offering is our Thuraya satellite phones that work well in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

All satellite phones and most cell phones have what is known as a SIM card. You’ve probably heard of it, but don’t know what all it does for your cell phone. Outfitter Satellite will dive into the details of what a SIM card is and why it’s important for your satellite phone. Visit our site today for your satellite phone rental!


SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It’s a smart card, or a small circuit, inside your satellite phone and cell phone that stores your data and your information. It communicates with your carrier that is responsible for your service. It identifies your phone, your location, and your phone number. Your SIM card also stores your contacts and your text messages, as well as your personal security keys. Your SIM card can be compared to the brain of your computer. SIM cards can also be found in smart watches, computers, and cameras.

The SIM card has become so important that some phones may not be able to operate without one because they wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet. They are mandatory in all GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication, or the European cell phone regulatory agency).  

That being said, not all SIM cards are the same, and different carriers have different types of SIM cards as well, meaning you can’t just switch a SIM card to your new phone if you are switching carriers.

There are in essence two major technologies of SIM cards:

  1. GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). These SIM cards are transferrable from device to device and still keep the same contacts.

  2. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access).  These types of phones do not need a SIM card, but most have one because you cannot connect to the internet without a SIM card. These types of SIM cards cannot be switched between devices.

SIM cards are not that complicated; the acronym just throws people off. Bottomline is a SIM card is another piece of great technology that makes our lives easier.


Rather than connecting to a cell phone tower, a satellite phone instead connects to satellites. Coverage can be global, or it can be regional in nature (regional being the whole continent of Africa, for example). Satellite phones use SIM cards as well with a variety of features that supports low battery and signal strength use, call forwarding, voicemail, and text messaging. Satellite phones are great for those in remote areas or who need guaranteed communication channels, such as pilots, emergency service personnel, government, the armed forces and military, those on mission trips, or those on adventure travels.

Outfitter Satellite Phones offers SIM cards for all of our satellite phones, and you can even buy a satellite phone SIM card for later use. SIM cards are what hold your monthly data plan package, and when they run out, your satellite phone will need to have more time added on. When you partner with Outfitter Satellite Phones, our customer service agents will speak with you to determine what plan package works best for you so you won’t have to worry about coverage issues.


Outfitter Satellite Phones has been offering the best in satellite phones and satellite phone SIM cards. We’ve been helping those in need of satellite phone services since 1995. We believe in cutting edge satcom equipment with fast delivery and 24/7 technical support. Our satellite phone services are top-notch. We offer satellite phone rentals as well, either for long-term or short-term use. We are an authorized Iridium PTT Reseller and Marlink Elite Partner.

Outfitter Satellite has been privileged to be on the cutting-edge of satellite phone technology, being able to activate the world’s first commercial Inmarsat Global Satellite Phone Services (GSPS) SIM card. Our satellite SIM cards take the cake when it comes to options and service. We offer satellite SIM cards for all major brands, from Iridium SIM cards and Isatphone SIM cards to Bgan SIM cards and Thuraya SIM cards. We even offer overnight SIM card delivery.

Outfitter Satellite Phones’ mission is to ensure you have internet and cell phone coverage no matter where your travels take you, from Timbuktu to Cameroon. Whether you are a first responder in a disaster zone who needs constant communication channels or you are fighting forest fires where cell phone towers might have burned or been damaged, Outfitter Satellite Phones will have you reliable coverage you can count on. Visit our website today, and speak with one of our friendly customer service advisors to help you find the perfect satellite phone and SIM card for you!