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Bivy<font size=3><sup>®</sup></font> Stick
Bivy Stick Satellite Communicator - Front View

Bivy® Stick

Satellite Messenger *In Stock*
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Bivy® Stick is an ultralight 2-way satellite messenger. The tiny device weighs only 100 grams but offers global coverage through the Iridium® Satellite Network. Simply pair it to your iOS or Android smartphone and an easy-to-use smartphone app will let you share your GPS location with friends or send and receive text messages. In an emergency, you can quickly initiate a GPS-enabled SOS message that will be sent to Global Rescue.

  • Send and receive text messages
  • Share your location with friends using a social media app
  • Group tracking and messaging amongst up to 12 Bivy Stick devices. You can see the other group member's locations on your smart phone.
  • Global satellite coverage -- as long as the Bivy Stick has a clear view of the sky
  • GoPro Mounting System (for use with standard Go-Pro mounting accessories, not included). Great for using with dirt bikes and such.
  • Charges via any USB outlet port
  • Up to 120 hours of battery life (with standard operation)
  • Designed for survivability with an IP67 rating against water and dust instrusion. It is protected against full immersion in water for up to 30 minutes at depths up to 1 meter. It has full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow. Shock proof MIL-STD-810 certified.

Weather Reports: With Bivy Stick, uncertainty about weather will never ruin an outdoor adventure again. Simply download a 3-day or 7-day weather forecast for your current location.

SOS Button: In an emergency, an SOS button on the Bivy Stick device lets you initiate a message to Global Rescue. While the emergency continues, stay connected with your rescuers via two-way messaging.

Check-In Button: A check-in button on the Bivy Stick sends a preset message with your GPS location. This lets your friends or co-workers remain aware of your status even when you are working in remote places.

Group Tracking & Group MessagingGroupTrackTM lets you message and share your location with a group of up to 12 Bivy Stick devices. Each member of the group can see the other member's location on their own smartphone. If desired one or more of these 12 seats can be replaced by web browsers using land-based internet. GroupTrackTM is a powerful tool for outdoor work crews, emergency responders and larger groups of outdoor enthusiasts. 

Service Fees: Bivy Stick service is available in the form of prepaid vouchers as short as 1 month or as long as 36 months. There are no usage charges ever! All usage is free, regardless of the number of texts you send or the number of location reports you share. You can download local weather forecasts as often as you like. Service includes a US mobile number to make sending texts from a cell phone to the Bivy Stick easy. Service also includes basic monitoring by Global Rescue of any SOS alerts you issue from the Bivy Stick. For more details, see the prepaid service agreement.


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* Bivy is a trademark of ACR Electronics, Inc. Outfitter Satellite recommends certain solar panels and external battery packs for most USB-chargeable devices. These products are not manufactured or approved by ACR Electronics and the reader is advised that they may not be of the same quality as genuine ACR Electronics accessories.

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