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Iridium 9555 Trade-Up Promotion
Iridium 9555 satellite phone shown soft case (included FREE)

Iridium 9555 Trade-Up Promotion

Handheld Iridium Satellite Phone
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Part Number: IRID-9555-TRDUP
Your Price: $750.00
Retail Price:$999.00
Your Savings:$249.00(25%)
Pricing requires receipt of valid trade-in phone (see terms below)
Availability: In Stock


Iridium 9555 Trade-Up Promotion

You can buy a new Iridium 9555 standard kit for only $750.00 when you trade in your old Globalstar GSP-1600, GSP-1700, IsatPhone Pro, Iridium 9505 or Iridium 9505A and activate service on the Iridium Trade-Up 20 Plan. See the service links above for full terms and conditions. There's never been a better time to move up to a brand new satellite phone.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SENDING IN YOUR TRADE-IN EQUIPMENT: Complete the Trade-Up form by clicking here. The return instructions will be emailed to you. After we receive and approve your trade-in equipment, we will email you back and send you a link to this product page to purchase your new equipment.

Save on Iridium Service at Outfitter Satellite Phones

About the Iridium 9555

The Iridium 9555 handheld satellite phone is an economical, workhorse satellite phone. It can make phone calls, 2.4 kbps data calls, and send SMS messages. If you are looking for a phone that was designed with safety and communication in mind, this is the satellite phone for you.

The 9555 kit also includes a padded soft case for all the Iridium 9555 standard components. The case has a weather flap over the zipper to protect against rain and dust and backpack straps designed for use with carabiners.


  • Integrated speakerphone

  • Email-to-text capability

  • Mini-USB data port

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Can be used with Optimizer WiFi Hotspot for internet access

At Outfitter Satellite, we carry only high-quality, reliable satellite phones. This Iridium 9555 satellite phone comes with an integrated speakerphone, a mini-USB data port, and an intuitive user interface. This phone can also be used with an Optimizer WiFi hotspot so you can connect to your email from anywhere. Order your satellite phone from Outfitter Satellite today.


  • Weight: 9.4 oz

  • Talk-time: About 3.1 hours

  • Hi Cap battery available with 6.5 hours of talk-time

  • Includes all standard kit components

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