1. Iridium Mast Satellite Antenna
Iridium Mast Satellite Antenna
Iridium Mast Antenna

Iridium Mast Satellite Antenna

Part Number: IRID-ANT-MAST
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Iridium Mast Antenna (cable options from 10m to 30m)
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The Iridium passive mast antenna is designed for pole mounting to a standard 1" threaded pipe.    It is a marine-grade antenna that can be used with all Iridium satellite phones and docking stations.  It has a TNC (female) connector.  An antenna cable is not included.  Choose your antenna cable options above.

IMPORTANT:  During installation of the antenna, it is important to weatherproof the exposed TNC connectors between the Iridium passive mast antenna and the antenna cable.  This prevents moisture and salt water intrusion into the connection which can cause corrosion.  For most applications, we recommend Coax-Seal Tape (hand moldable plastic) or a similar product.

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