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BGAN Postpaid SIM Card

Part Number: BGAN-POST
Monthly Plans Starting at $65
Postpaid SIM card & airtime plan options
Availability: In Stock

Save on Inmarsat BGAN Service at Outfitter Satellite PhonesThe Outfitter Advantage:   We now offer a monthly plan for Inmarsat BGAN terminals with affordable tiered costs for standard IP data (internet access) based on your total monthly usage.  Even unlimited use is now affordable. 

Phone calls to any public switched number worldwide can be made at a simple fixed rate.   Calls inside the Inmarsat network, are even less expensive. Voicemail service is included.

Streaming speeds up to 750 kbps HDR Full Channel Symmetric are available, depending on the BGAN terminal model you select.  Call us for more information.