Whether you need to bug out or bunker in -- or just go for a hike in a remote location -- a satellite phone is an increasingly essential piece of safety and communications gear.

Our Bug-Out Kit include highly portable solar panel kits with built-in fuel-gauged rechargeable batteries. This assures you that you can keep using your electronics -- even after the civilized world goes mostly dark. We have included high quality 26-Watt Brunton solar panels just in case you need even more power. These light fold-up design 1.7 lb panels can be chained together to provide additional power. Three panels provides up to 78 Watts of solar power generation capability.

A satellite phone is probably much less expensive than you would have thought. Outfitter Satellite rents and sells satellite phones, and we offer special discounts to the national prepper and survivalist community. We regularly have sales specials on certified used equipment which is offered at substantially discounted prices.

For information on renting or purchasing a satellite phone, call us at 615-889-8833 or contact us online.

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Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone with GPS
Iridium 9575 Extreme with all standard components.
$1,280.00  $1,190.00
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26-Watt Solar Charging System
26-Watt Solar Charging System with V72 Battery Pack
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