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Solaris Solar Panel
26-Watt Solar Charging System

Solaris Solar Panel

Brunton Fold-Up 26W Solar Panel & 72Whr Battery Pack
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Part Number: SOLAR-26W-V72BAT
Your Price: $349.00
26-Watt Solar Charging System with V72 Battery Pack


The 26-W Solar Panel Kit includes two great components that can recharge most satellite phones and small electronics while you are out in the field:

  • Ultralight 26-Watt Solar Panel: This is the largest panel we offer. Metal eye holes at each corner of the solar panel allow it to be lashed to your tent or backpack. The ultralight (1.7 lb) fold-up design compacts down to 8.5" x 11" x 1" size for transport.
  • Laptop Battery Pack: This portable battery collects power for later use on the trail. You can recharge most laptops, smartphones, tablets, satellite phones, and Inmarsat BGAN terminals. A fuel gauge lets you check the laptop battery pack's current charge level.
The kit also has the following cables and adapters:
  • DC output cable and 10-piece adapter set for popular laptop computers including Dell, Asus, HP and Sony
  • Cigarette lighter output cable for the laptop battery pack
  • Cigarette lighter output cable for the solar panel
  • Car battery charging output cable for the solar panel (NOTE: Recharging a typical car battery can take 12 or more hours of full sunlight)
  • Multi-plug output cable for the solar panel
  • USB output cable for the laptop battery pack with a Micro-USB adapter head and a Mini-USB adapter head


The following satellite phones and terminals have been tested for compatibility:
  • Iridium 9575 Extreme
  • Iridium 9555
  • Iridium 9505A
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone 2
  • Inmarsat BGAN EXPLORER 510 and EXPLORER 710,
  • Inmarsat BGAN Hughes 9201, 9202 and 9211
  • Thuraya XT
  • Thuraya XT-PRO
  • Thuraya XT-LITE
  • Thuraya IP+ terminal
  • Optimizer Hotspot

*The prices listed here are available only while our current inventory lasts.

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