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Solaris 26-Watt Solar Panel
Solaris 26-Watt Portable Solar Solar Panel (deployed)

Solaris 26-Watt Solar Panel

Solaris 26W Solar Panel
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Part Number: SOLAR-26W-V72BAT
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26-Watt Solar Panel
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The Solaris 26-Watt Solar Panel is a fold-up solar panel designed for portable applications.  It weights only 1.7 lbs and folds up to a 8.5" x 11" x 1" size to make it easy to carry.  When deployed, it is 21" x 42".  Metal eyeholes at each corner make it easy to tie down in an optimal angle relative to the sun for maximum power collection.  The kit also includes the following accessories: 
  • Storage sack
  • Cigarette lighter output cable
  • Battery clamps for car batteries
  • 4-way mini-barrel-plug cables

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