Why You Should Trade In Your Old Satellite Phone

Technology is always changing and improving. The satellite phone that you bought a few years ago that was top-of-the-line at the time doesn’t compare to the functionality and options of the newest satellite phones available today.  

Outfitter Satellite accepts trade-in of used but nice Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones towards the purchase of newer models.  Read on to learn more. 

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We’ll Pay You for Your Old Phone 

We offer a satellite phone trade-in program where we will pay you for your old phone, as long as you are immediately purchasing an Iridium® satellite phone from us.  Stipulations do apply, such as the condition of the phone and the inclusion of standard kit parts. We also do not offer trade-in benefits on end-of-life or near end-of-life phone models.  However, if you’re ready to upgrade your older satellite phone to a newer Iridium model, you can’t beat our trade-in program. 

Buy Any Iridium Satellite Phone on Our Site 

With our satellite phone trade-in program, you can use your trade-in benefit towards the purchase of any new or used Iridium satellite phone on our site. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a brand new Iridium Extreme®, Iridium Extreme® PTT or Iridium GO!® hotspot or a used-but-current model phone we have you covered.

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An Easy & Affordable Way to Upgrade

If you already own a satellite phone and you are considering upgrading, our trade-in program makes it easy and affordable. We understand that a satellite phone is a large investment, and we are willing to help curb that expense by offering you credit when you trade in an older model satellite phone.

Better Functionality, More Options

New satellite phones have better functionality and more options for communication than older models. The Iridium Extreme has built-in GPS, a one-touch SOS emergency button, the ability to make and receive calls, texts,  and so much more, while the Iridium GO! creates a hotspot so you can connect your smartphone to the Iridium satellite network. If you haven’t viewed the selection of satellite phones available recently, it’s worth taking the time to browse our selection.

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Trade In Your Satellite Phone at Outfitter Satellite

Are you ready to upgrade your satellite phone experience? It’s time to learn more about the satellite phone trade-in program from Outfitter Satellite. When you trade in an old satellite phone, we’ll give you a credit to use towards the purchase price of a new Iridium satellite phone. Learn more and trade in your satellite phone today.