Exploring Outdoors This Winter? Here Are Several Clever Tips To Stay Warm And Dry

Most people tend to get outside during the spring, summer, and early fall seasons, when the sun rises high in the sky and the temperatures are fairly moderate. However, for those who love to play in the cold — be it downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, sledding, ice skating, backcountry skiing, or working in a cold office — there’s a certain allure about the winter season that brings out the adventurous side in many folks.

Be Safe Outside This Winter

Though playing in the winter snow is fun, it also poses the risk of developing hypothermia, frostbite, or even just being plain ol’ cold and shivering. There’s also the risk of experiencing an avalanche, taking a nasty fall, or getting hurt out in the wilderness one way or another. It is these risk factors in winter sports, along with others, that prompt the need for a satellite phone to stay connected to society.

Fortunately, Outfitter Satellite has provided countless satellite phones for sale to outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, and global travelers alike. Our point is, if you’re going to be spending time in an area with little to no cell phone coverage, our selection of satellite phones for sale have you covered...literally.

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Read below for some quick winter warmth tips for those of you who plan on getting out there this winter.

Layer Intelligently

Your body will produce sweat when you’re bundled up and moving around, and that sweat will quickly make you feel cold (as sweat is designed to do) when you stop to take a break. Having multiple lightweight, breathable, and waterproof or water-resistant layers on your person help give you options in order to be comfortable.


As our satellite phone rental company mentioned above, moving around produces sweat. This means that your body is warming up, and naturally responds by cooling it down. Anytime you feel cold, your best bet (energy levels notwithstanding) is to get moving again. You’ll notice your body warm up very quickly again.

Don’t Forget To Pace Yourself

To avoid constantly stopping to cool down and starting back up to avoid cooling down too much, it’s important to pace yourself accordingly. It is entirely possible to maintain a comfortable temperature by going at a comfortable, steady pace where you’re not exerting too much energy at one time.

Eat High-Fat Snacks

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this while sitting at home on your couch, but when you’re moving out in the middle of nowhere, you’ll want fatty snacks as a source of slow-burning fuel. To keep your body’s internal furnace fueled, snacks like chocolate, cheese, nuts, and energy bars are fast, easy, and ideal.

Carry Spare Gloves On You (And Not In Your Pack)

Many people struggle to circulate the right amount of blood to their fingers and toes, which makes sense given that the body automatically directs the proper amounts of blood flow to more essential areas. Cold hands aren’t fun to deal with, but by carrying a spare pair of gloves in a waterproof jacket pocket (and keeping them warm with your own body heat), you can alternate between each pair. The same goes for hats!

Sit Down On Your Pack

If you have a backpack on you (and you should if you’re out in the middle of nowhere!), don’t sit down on a cold rock or a log with snow on it. Simply throw your pack down in a safe place (i.e. not a tree well) and sit on it. Boom! Now you have a warm, dry seat that’s at least somewhat comfortable.

Remember: The Sun Is Your Friend

The sun is only responsible for providing life to our planet, alongside its good friend dihydrogen monoxide. Just as you would seek shade in the blistering summer sun, turn away from the wind and face the sun if it’s out and you need to warm up.

Keep In Touch With The Outside World

Secondary to food, water, good clothing, and shelter, your lifeline to the outside world could very well mean the difference between life and death when you’re out there exploring. Do yourself a favor and stay connected by shopping our online satellite phone store here at Outfitter Satellite.