Iridium Push-to-Talk

Workers in remote areas sometimes encounter radio dead zones that hinder operations and reduce safety. Iridium Push-to-Talk offers unlimited push-to-talk communications amongst members of a Talk Group that can be located anywhere on earth. Location awareness is a key advantage provided through Iridium PTT; all the users in a Talk Group can immediately see the location of the person that is broadcasting right from their phones' screen.

On-the-fly flexibility is another hallmark of Iridium PTT. Instantaneous control over the boundaries of a Talk Group are available through a secure online portal called the Iridium PTT Command Center. The Iridium PTT Command Center lets an administrator instantly reconfigure the borders of Talk Groups and select which mobile users will belong to it. It is even possible to invite Iridium PTT users from a different Iridium PTT mobile user group to temporarily share access to your Talk Group. This enables quick collaboration between all Iridium PTT users any where on earth. A single Iridium Talk Group can include non-contiguous over-the-horizon regions. This means Iridium PTT users working in Tennessee can collaborate with Iridium PTT users working in Australia. Iridium PTT is flexible and instantly adjustable.

  • Lightweight handheld phones
  • Docking stations for vehicles and buildings
  • Interoperable with most mobile radio equipment*

Call us today at 615-889-8833 or contact us online to discuss your organization's application or sign up for a free demonstration.*

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Iridium PTT demonstration equipment available?

Outfitter Satellite has several Iridium Extreme PTT phones that are available for short duration demonstrations. This equipment must be returned within 2 weeks or your organization will be charged rental fees. For more information, please contact us.

Is Telephony service included ?

The Iridium PTT phone can be used in either PTT mode or telephony mode. Telephony includes making phone calls, sending and receiving texts, and using the S.O.S. emergency button. The SIM card is included with these plans enables the use of telephony-mode services. By default, telephony-mode services are restricted to the North America Region, defined as Canada, Mexico and the United States, including all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and certain surrounding waters (see the Service Agreement for complete terms and conditions). Global telephony capability is available for a small additional monthly fee. Unlike PTT communications (which do not have any per minute cost) Basic Rate telephony services do have a per minute cost. Use of this SIM card in a non-PTT Iridium phone is prohibited and can result in immediate deactivation of the SIM card without notice.

How many Talk Groups can a subscriber have?

It is often best to limit the number of people sharing a Talk Group to reduce unnecessary chatter. For this reason, each Iridium Extreme PTT phone can access up to 15 Talk Groups, as assigned by an administrator. Iridium allows its subscribers to economically activate multiple Small, Medium, or Large Talk Groups. The Small and Medium Talk Groups are free, though Iridium does reserve the right to limit the allocation of Talk Groups used by a single subscriber.

Can a Talk Group be used anywhere on earth?

Yes, the Talk Group plans shown here can be used globally except for the Middle East Region. Special plans are required for the Middle East Region.

How do you set the boundaries of a Talk Group?

The administrator of the subscriber’s Iridium PTT Command Center web portal configures the Talk Group boundaries. The boundaries can be changed and edited on the fly as often as needed. The boundaries do not need to be contiguous. For example, it is possible to build a Talk Group that includes a circular region including Dallas Texas and another region including the state of Tennessee -- in one Talk Group. This would allow users active on that Talk Group to be located in both areas. Any Talk Group can be divided into up to 10 non-contiguous areas.

Can a Talk Group be shared between two subscribers?

Sometimes it is necessary for Iridium PTT users belonging to different subscribers to collaborate. This could happen for example between two state emergency response organizations collaborating in a regional emergency. Temporary sharing of a Talk Group owned by one subscriber can be done in a few moments by the administrators of the two subscriber organizations that are wishing to collaborate using their respective Iridium PTT Command Center web portals.

*Most mobile radio systems are interoperable with the Iridium Extreme PTT satellite phone using specialized interoperability equipment. Within the United States, we can provide demonstration Iridium Extreme PTT phone equipment to enable your organization to thoroughly test Iridium Push-to-Talk before making your purchase. In addition to volume purchase options, Outfitter Satellite offers rental Iridium PTT solutions for shorter term applications. Outfitter Satellite is an Authorized Iridium PTT Reseller.


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