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Certified Used Iridium GO!
Black Iridium Go! Hotspot with 12-month warranty and all the standard components

Certified Used Iridium GO!

with 12-month warranty *In Stock*
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Part Number: USED-IRID-GO
Your Price: $619.00
Iridium GO! Hotspot with all standard components.
Availability: In Stock - LIMITED QUANTITIES


At Outfitter Satellite, you can purchase the Iridium GO!® Hotspot for a fraction of the cost when you choose to buy it used. This hotspot is made from rugged military-grade materials and gives you up to 7 hours of talk-time.


  • Used equipment comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Up to 5 smartphone can connect simultaneously, though only one can call at any given time
  • Inbound calls will ring all the smart devices connected to the Iridium GO! and allow the person that answers to pass the call to other users.
  • Available USB solar charger that mounts to your backpack
  • Up to 7 hours of phone calls on a single charge
  • Perfect for making phone calls, text messages, and sending GPS tracking reports

How Does it Work?

To use this mobile hotspot, download the free app on your iOS or Android smartphone. The app will allow you to make phone calls, send texts, and even leave an automatic GPS breadcrumb trail. You can also send an S.O.S. notification directly from the app in case of emergency. Just take the Iridium GO! outside and flip up the integrated Wi-Fi antenna. It will automatically power on and connect to the Iridium global network. You can make up to 7 hours of phone calls on a single charge. Order your Iridium GO! hotspot from Outfitter Satellite today!

Email and Data Applications:

The free Iridium Mail & Web app is used to send and receive emails, photo share, look at weather information among other functions. Customers are advised that the data speed of the Iridium GO! is only 2400 bps (very slow) so only light email activity with attachments smaller than 100 KB is recommended. We recommend only using Iridium-approved apps like Mail & Web. Web browsing and Skype and other broadband applications are not supported.


  • Weight: 10.4 oz

  • Military-grade ruggedness

  • Talk-time: 7 hours

  • Stand by: 16 hours

  • 2400 bps data speed

  • Available while supplies last



GPS Tracking Features:

The Iridium GO! can be a powerful safety tool. Simply use your Iridium GO! app to select a time interval for new position updates and identify the email address of the person that will be receiving them. The email reports contains your latitude, longitude, altitude and the time your position report was sent. A hyper link in the email report displays the position on a map. The GPS tracking reports are billed as SMS (short message service) messages. Select postpaid plans allow unlimited texting for a fixed monthly fee. Optional web-based tracking services are available for an additional monthly fee if you are tracking a fleet of Iridium GO! users.

Emergency S.O.S. Button & GEOS Emergency Response Services:

If you have an emergency, a single button press will send an email alert that is tagged as an EMERGENCY and includes your GPS location. This can be done directly from the Iridium GO! without a smart device. An S.O.S. also can be sent using the Iridium GO! app on a smart device. An S.O.S. from the app can also start a voice call to an emergency number of your choice. How it works depends on how you configure it. You choose. Global Emergency Response Services or GEOS is included with your Iridium GO! at no additional cost. This is a tremendous safety feature, especially for people traveling in remote areas of the world. Before using GEOS, you must register online and configure the S.O.S. button to contact GEOS during an emergency.

* The Iridium GO! can be used with certain laptop computers, including Windows and Macintosh, but only selected Iridium-approved apps such as XGate should be used. Please contact Outfitter Satellite for more information. The prices on this page are only valid until our current inventory of used Iridium GO! is exhausted.

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