Benefits and Disadvantages to SIM Cards

In our last blog post, we discussed the meaning of SIM cards and what exactly they do for your cell phone and for your satellite phone. In this continuing look into SIM cards, we’ll examine the benefits and disadvantages of SIM cards.

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  • Standard SIM cards. These are the larger SIM cards that are found in older and more basic phones.

  • Micro SIM cards. These SIM cards are popular in cell phones after 2010.

  • Nano SIM cards. These SIM cards are often found in the newest cell phone offerings.

  • eSIM (embedded) SIM cards. These are part of the phone and are activated remotely by the carrier.

  • dual-SIM. This is a relatively new invention that allows users to have two phone numbers for one device, so they don’t have to carry two phones around. You can easily just swap out the SIM cards with one phone for either work or personal use.


  • Makes upgrading your phone easy.

  • If your phone runs out of battery, you can borrow someone else’s and just remove your SIM card and place it into their cell phone.

  • Prepaid SIM cards are useful for travelers.



SIM cards are at risk for hackers, however, since your SIM card can store your email address, bank account information if you use your phone for banking, social media accounts, and any online purchases you make with your phone. Hackers with some intelligence can access your information on a SIM card and then transfer it to another SIM card simply by having a password recovery text message sent.

However, many SIM card makers recognize these security flaws and are working diligently to close these access holes that hackers have available to them, from instituting more pin codes to authentication and encryption on the back end side of things.

Simple devices

Compared to the power of your computer, SIM cards are actually quite limited in what they can do. They have a small memory capacity (again, when compared to computers. Their memory is more than adequate for storing all of your phone needs). They are virtually useless outside of a smartphone device. In fact, SIM cards are increasingly reliant upon apps to tell them what to do. And they are totally reliant upon the carrier’s whims in terms of functionality. Furthermore, being relatively simple in terms of technology, SIM cards do tend to go bad, requiring a replacement every now and then.

Apple’s SIM

Apple, as usual, in an effort to connect all of their devices, created the Apple SIM card in 2014, which can be used with multiple cell phone carriers. With Apple SIM cards, you can swap between network plans, and when traveling abroad, Apple has international partners as well. All new iPads offer an empty nano SIM slot and an embedded Apple SIM card.

Thin SIM

 A thin SIM is a new type of SIM card that functions much like a Game Genie that modifies games and connects game consoles with game cartridges. These SIM cards modify existing SIM cards and can run its own apps on cell phones it connects to the phone and the existing SIM card. These thin SIMs are very controversial, as they can easily pass data back and forth between each other, leading to an easier time to hacking information from your SIM card.


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