Satellite Phone FAQs
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Satellite phones were once used primarily by companies that do a lot of their work outside of the normal cell phone service range such as military, researchers, tactical teams, and more. They are also commonly used by emergency personnel to ensure that no matter what goes wrong, they have a way to communicate with each other. 

However, it is also becoming more common for people to rely on satellite phones while they are enjoying outdoor activities that take them outside normal cell coverage. Satellite phones are more and more frequently being used by mountain climbers, backpackers, and those who enjoy spending time in the backcountry.

While satellite phones grow in popularity, so do the number of questions that people have about them. In today’s blog post, we are going to answer some of the most common questions that customers have asked. Continue reading to learn more and then shop the satellite phones at Outfitter Satellite. You can choose to purchase or rent and have your choice of the best satellite phones and networks available today. Shop our selection of satellite phones today. 

Why Would I Need a Satellite Phone?

Satellite phones have service outside of the ranges of normal cell phone service. Many have service as long as you can see the sky, although that often depends upon the network you are using. Many people like to bring satellite phones with them on trips where they will not have cell phone service — such as in the backcountry or while mountain climbing. They are a great tool to have in case of emergency. 

People who work in remote areas outside of normal cell phone coverage often use satellite phones for communication. These can include military personnel, scientific research organizations, oil and gas companies, and more.

Satellite phones are also essential in some emergency situations. If the cell phone networks become overwhelmed, it’s imperative that emergency personnel have a way to communicate. 

How Do Satellite Phone Service Plans Work?

Each satellite service provider offers different service plans that typically fall under either monthly plans or prepaid plans. Each provider offers tiered plans just like cell phone service providers do. You can choose a low-cost monthly plan with a few minutes in case of an emergency or a higher-cost monthly plan that would include more talk time and text messages. There are a number of different plans available from each provider so that you can choose a plan based on your individual wants and needs. Some satellite service providers also offer plans for their Push-to-Talk phones, which function more like a radio. These plans can even include unlimited PTT communications within a talk group. 

The satellite phone service plan that you choose likely depends upon your specific wants and needs. At Outfitter Satellite you can view the service plans available from Iridium, Iridium PTT, Thuraya, and Inmarsat GSPS

Can I Access the Internet on a Satellite Phone?

Access to the internet is possible with a satellite phone, however, it depends upon the phone, the network, and the service plan that you choose. Satellite phones are designed to be used for communication while you are in areas outside of normal cell phone range, but they are not typically made to surf the web, check Facebook alerts, or upload pictures to your Instagram. Access to the internet on satellite phones is usually a bit more limited compared to cell phones. 

If you are looking for a satellite phone that functions as a smartphone, you should look into the Thuraya SatSleeve+. This is a device that turns your smartphone into a satellite phone and may be exactly what you are looking for. 

Do Satellite Phones Work Everywhere in the World?

Where satellite phones work depend upon the service provider’s coverage area and your proximity to buildings and mountains. Satellite service providers each work on their own satellites, so the more satellites they have, the better service you will have. 

Additionally, if you are close to tall buildings or mountains, they may block the transmission from the satellite to your phone. Satellite phones are best used in areas where there is nothing to interrupt the connection between your phone and the satellite. 

Can Satellite Phones Be Used Indoors?

Satellite phones work best when they have a clear line of sight to a satellite for service, so a satellite on its own cannot be used inside of a building. However, there are docking stations and phones made specifically for use indoors. The docks work with outdoor antennas that get mounted to the highest part of the building so that you can connect to the satellite network from inside of a building. 

How Much Do Satellite Phones Cost?

The price of satellite phones can vary greatly. You can spend anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand for a satellite phone. At Outfitter Satellite, we also offer used satellite phones with a six-month warranty for a discounted price. These phones come with all of the same accessories that a new version of the phone would come with, they just cost a bit less. 

You also have the choice of renting a satellite phone rather than buying, which could significantly reduce your cost if your just looking to use the phone for a short amount of time for a trip or vacation. You can rent the phone for only the amount of time that you need it and save a lot of money. Satellite phone rentals are priced out at a daily rate so you can have the phone for as little or as much time as you need. This is also a great way to try out a few different satellite phones before you invest in purchasing one. 

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We hope this blog post helped to answer some of your questions about satellite phones. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a satellite phone or would just like to learn more, browse our site. We carry a wide range of Iridium, Iridium PTT, Thuraya, and Inmarsat ISatphones. Shop our selection of satellite phones today.